How to tell that a brand is “Greenwashing”

So what is greenwashing? The term was originally coined over 40 years ago in the 1980s by Environmentalist Jay Westerveld to describe companies that were making false claims and overstating the environmental or ethical benefits of their services or products. Greenwashing is the practice of marketing products in a way that convinces consumers that aContinue reading “How to tell that a brand is “Greenwashing””

9 simple changes you can make to shop smarter today

Stopping and reversing the adverse effects of climate change is a collective challenge we will have to face together. Still, there are many things we can do on an individual level to lessen our footprint as well as signal to companies what we want in a more sustainable future.  Avoid impulse purchases According to theContinue reading “9 simple changes you can make to shop smarter today”

The Official ESG Dictionary

Information meant to encourage us to buy one product over another is all around us. The use of feel-good language, influencers, and celebrity endorsements by businesses, convey a modern attitude that understands and even champions today’s most pressing social and environmental issues. But how do these messages hold up against business practices, and how doContinue reading “The Official ESG Dictionary”

Nike vs. Under Armour – Which brand can keep pace with the world of ESG?

Like any manufacturing company, every stage of the production line in sport equipment has an impact on the environment – and therefore has potential for intervention to integrate sustainable practices.  From the design to the creation, production, transport and sales of sports products, companies can implement practices to manage their environmental impact. The bigger theContinue reading “Nike vs. Under Armour – Which brand can keep pace with the world of ESG?”

Lululemon vs. Athleta – Sustainable athleisure

Athleta and Lululemon are both high-end women’s athletic wear brands available in the United States. There’s a lot that’s similar about these two brands, but there are also some pretty big distinctions. Yes, both are high-end women’s activewear lines, but Athleta is more focused on inclusivity and female empowerment, while Lululemon focuses on high-performing athletes. Continue reading “Lululemon vs. Athleta – Sustainable athleisure”

Samsung vs. Whirlpool – Which one is green…washing?

Which is better, Samsung or Whirlpool? Smart technology is the latest innovation in the realm of appliances, and two of the largest and most popular brands—Samsung and Whirlpool—each have their own line of smart appliances on the market. What are smart appliances, exactly? They are appliances that you can connect to, control, and monitor viaContinue reading “Samsung vs. Whirlpool – Which one is green…washing?”

Macy’s vs. Nordstrom – Which should the eco-friendly, mall-walker support?

The retail industry is a billion-dollar business in the United States. Competition for consumer dollars is fierce, particularly when it comes to department stores. Nordstrom and Macy’s are two of the most ubiquitous department stores in the country, and while there are similarities in their audiences, they have unique differences in their visitors and customers.Continue reading “Macy’s vs. Nordstrom – Which should the eco-friendly, mall-walker support?”

Where to stay for an eco-friendly travel experience? Marriott vs. Hilton

Choosing a hotel chain is more art than science. Knowing how to choose a hotel that is right for you will make a huge difference to your travel experience.  If you are choosing a resort, you will probably end up spending quite a bit of time in your hotel.  However, even if you are justContinue reading “Where to stay for an eco-friendly travel experience? Marriott vs. Hilton”

Toothpaste and cleaners and shampoo, oh my! Colgate vs. Unilever

Beauty and personal care giants, Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive have been named as being amongst the top 10 biggest plastic polluters worldwide in a new report from The Changing Markets Foundation, named ‘Talking Trash: The Corporate Playbook of False Solutions.’ Dozens. Both companies have an array of several different products that can be seen in storesContinue reading “Toothpaste and cleaners and shampoo, oh my! Colgate vs. Unilever”